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Simple convenience.

Create your e-vouchers now.

E-Voucher Transfers

Transfer money to any receiver around the world. Recipient will receive e-voucher code for activation, with or without a JustPAY account.

E-Voucher Payments

JustPAY for goods and services online securely and confidentially.

E-Voucher Exchange

Easily exchange e-voucher to any other e-currency or cash through online and offline exchange service.

The New Money!

Special functionality allowing the user-seller to accept payments on the GO. Findout below on how it works and jump on...

Unavailable for goods delivery?

Log into your JustPAY account, create an e-voucher and send it to the recipient.

Confidentiality issues?

Log into your JustPAY account, create an e-voucher and send it to the recipient via mobile phone or email and within a second the recipient will get an SMS or email to his/her device with your e-voucher details. 

No cash fan?

We've certified exchange agencies of JustPAY working worldwide. Go to the Agents section and check for the exchange services available at your destination. Now create an e-voucher and go on a trip with your e-voucher instead of cash.

Secure and confidential

Send and receive e-vouchers for activation with confidence for payments and gifts to customers and family by email directly from your account

Sender account undisclosed

Your confidentiality is assured when sending out e-vouchers for payments and gifts to family and friends.

Pay to mobile phone

Securely send e-vouchers to mobile phones of customers, family and friends.

Exchange to real money

Exchange your JustPAY e-vouchers to any physical (Fiat) money

SMS Notifications

Sms messages allow you to keep abreast of all operations in your wallet

Email Notifications

Free email messages allow you to keep abreast of all operations in your wallet

Support 24/7

Polite and qualified support staff are ready to resolve any of your questions

Why E-Vouchers?
Electronic voucher system is useful for both dealers and customers as it has a wide range of usages! Simply put, it can be used for the payment of your post-paid bill or recharging your prepaid connection. That’s not all, though. These systems also facilitate easier bill payments, such as internet, gas or water, to ensure easier card recharge options, and offer simpler solutions for bank transactions and booking tickets.

Slowly, the electronic voucher system is being incorporated into other purchase places as well. Newer designs are being created and several innovations are being tested to solve the unique challenges faced in the retail world.

Electronic voucher systems offer a wide range of advantages:

The first and most obvious advantage of this system is that it’s safe. Customers do not need to worry about carrying large amounts of money around with them anymore, hence, providing them a smarter way to shop.

On the dealer’s front, there is less work to do as there is absolutely no need to maintain whole databases or print physical vouchers. As everything is done virtually, these systems save a lot of money and time for them.

As far as manufacturers are concerned, they get the advantage of transparency. With an electronic voucher system present at the store, they will know the transaction history and can view the sales records as well.

As you can see, electronic voucher systems are a win-win model for the business world as they promise easy and safe transactions. Hopefully, now you are aware of every aspect of how these systems work!

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